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Host an author presentation with a book signing!

Assateague - Island of the Wild Ponies
Tells the real life story of the famous Assateague ponies and how they live on their beautiful island home along the coasts of Maryland and Virginia.

Ribbons of Sand - Exploring Atlantic Beaches
Introduces young readers to the rich diversity of life on the sandy beaches. Discover the ever-changing world that exists only where the land meets the sea.

Barrier Islands Are For The Birds
Explores Atlantic barrier island habitats, from beach to bay, while examining the wide and colorful array of birds that depend on the coastal environment.

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Larry Points spent a 35-year career as an education Park Ranger with the National Park Service. Over a quarter century was spent as a naturalist and Chief of Park Interpretation at Assateague Island National Seashore. He can come to your school to present children's programs and offer his books to students.

School Programs consist of a slide show featuring many images in the books, with an emphasis on the Assateague ponies and a discussion about how the books were written. Each one hour (or class length) program concludes with a presentation of beachcombing objects and answers to students' questions. While of particular interest to elementary students, each program can be tailored to meet the educational needs of any age or class level.
Fees - Mr. Points' daily fee is $395 for up to two program presentations and booksigning at your school ($350 for multiple days spent in a district on the same trip). There are no travel expenses if the program is within a day-trip drive of his home near Salisbury, MD, a distance that roughly covers an area extending from Wilmington/Newark, DE to Washington/Baltimore, MD. If the program involves an overnight excursion from his residence, a higher fee and accommodation expenses will apply.
To Schedule A Program For Presentation - Contact Mr. Points at 410-896-4237 or at larry@seacritters.com 
Autographed Books for Students - Since Mr. Points brings his books with him to programs, there is no shipping expense. Books may be bought by students from Mr. Points, via an order form, at a discount price of $7 (price includes sales tax to Maryland students); or, the sponsoring school or P.T.A. may buy wholesale at the rate of $6, a substantial discount from the $7.95 retail price. The P.T.A. or school need only buy the quantity of books ordered by students, who can be charged the full price or at any discount the school chooses. As non-profits, experience has shown that many schools do not collect and submit a sales tax unless the sales are associated with an annual Book Fair or similar event.
Student Order Form - Whether through the school or directly from Mr. Points, book sales are accomplished via a book order form, which is sent home as student hand mail to parents. This form will be customized for and provided to the school by Mr. Points. It will be the school's responsibility to photocopy adequate copies of the form for student hand mail.
To Order Discounted and Autographed Books Now - If a teacher or school would prefer now for students to have an autographed book, and raise revenue as a Book Fair or similar event without a visit by Mr. Points, a Student Order Form can be downloaded, photocopied and distributed to children or parents. Without a visit by Mr. Points, you are required to purchase a minimum of ten books (combined titles) to obtain a unit price of $6.00 each.
Please note: on the form you must fill in:
Upon his receipt of all completed order forms and check payment by the sponsoring organization to Larry G. Points for all books ordered (include adequate first class mail or UPS shipping for books which weigh 6 ounces each), Mr. Points will sign the books and include messages requested on the form. The school can expect shipment within 3 weeks of the date Mr. Points receives the order forms and payment.
Please Note: We have never experienced mail loss of order forms with check payment to Larry Points, 103 W. Chestnut Street, Delmar, MD 21875 . However, to be safe, the sponsoring organization may want to consider retaining a photocopy of each order. In order for signed books to be easily distributed to students, the original order form will be returned attached to its respective copies.
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For more information, please send e-mail to larry@seacritters.com

Last updated August 24, 2008